SN PRO Expo Forum 2013


Post report

November 30th, 2013 Theres no limit for improvement! 5LB the best for the best!

Filion, Alex Fitness, Moscow

On November 30th, 2013 a unique for our country sports nutrition forum was successfully held in Moscow. It was organized by the biggest Russian sports nutrition retailer 5LB. The event took place in one of the biggest fitness center of the capital Filion which belongs to the net Alex Fitness. Within the Forum a conference with workshops, discussions and reports as well as an exhibition of sports nutrition and sports accessories were held.
A completely new, unique format, focused firstly on sports nutrition industry was chosen by the organizer of Sports Nutrition Forum.

Main purpose of the event was to inform the population about sports nutrition market, about necessity and specific features of the treatment, acquaintance with world-known brands and young but ambitious manufacturers of local market. During the day a conference with eight reports, prepared exclusively for the Forum by top-managers representatives of US, European and Russian brands as well as reports and workshops with specialists from spheres of sports nutrition, dietology, rehabilitation and physiology were taking place in a specially equipped hall.


More than that, workshops were held by special guests of forum, such as Vladimir Kravtsov and Mikhail Kokliayev. The visitors had a possibility to get professional answers from the speakers not only during the lectures and seminars but also at any convenient time at the booths.

Speakers and Conference Topics

Vladimir Kravtsov gave a speech Benchpress. Accessibly about the most important, he also answered the questions of the audience. Vladimir Kravtsov is the only representative from Russia in the table of world records in benchpress without gear, with a result 310kg in a weight category up to 140kg.

The hall was full at Mikhail Kokliayevs workshop question-answer. Mikhail Kokliayev has been doing power extreme since 2005. According to the rating PLSE 2005 in Russia he is the strongest man in Russia of the year 2005, he got the second place in the world IFSA rating. During his strongman career, from 2005 to 2013, he took part in more than 40 Russian and international power extreme starts (strongman), and he won more than 20 times. Kokliayev is also a multiple finalist and prizewinner of Arnold Strongman Classic tournaments (USA).
Representatives of Rocktape brand read a lecture: Method of Rocktape kinesitherapy. hy to learn? Everyone had a chance to learn how to apply kinesiotape, how to use the tape in substandard situations, how to apply it for help in unique particular cases. The most interesting moment was the information about how to apply the tape on sportsmans back in order for him to pull the final barbell strike on Crossfit competitions without feeling any pain in the overloaded muscles.

Presentation of developments of a non-steroid origin such was the topic of professors Evgeny Shustov (Doctor of Medical Science) speech. These developments are actively used for producing sports nutrition of Pure Protein brand. Ronald Shtolley, a speaker from Germany talked about New trends and standards of sports nutrition in Europe, World brand Mr. Big. Ronald Shtolley is the general manager of the company MTL Power Food GmbH which is the biggest sports nutrition manufacturer in Europe!

Vladimir Skalny, Candidate of Medical Science, A.P. of biochemistry and molecular biology gave a speech Contemporary methods of restorative medicine. Nutriceutical programs. An accent was made on the information about individual nutriceutical programs creation with following estimation of efficiency of functional body reserves restoration. Programs of nutritional support for different types of sports using CHAMPIONS DIETS products was the topic of Enver Tokaev's speech, he is a laureate of State Prizes of USSR and Russian Federation. Tokaev is a doctor of Technical Science, professor and general manager of ZAO Academia-T.

Roman Tsedov: Nutriment for power lifters. He talked about the right way of choosing sports nutrition, described the whole complex of products for sportsmen (lifters) high-protein, carbohydrate-protein supplements, vitamins, etc. Special aspects of using particular kinds of sports nutrition were the most interesting for the visitors. Also some specific problems were involved in the discussion, such as: Sport illness or Overtraining syndrom. Roman Tsedrov is the general manager of the company Actiformula, author of more than 10 scientific articles about sports nutrition and sports diets.


Specialized exhibition of sports nutrition and accessories for fitness

The exhibition of sports nutrition and fitness accessories which was held in two halls allowed to gather twenty brands from different countries at the same time. Each of them had its own booth where the visitors could not only get acquainted with new developments in sphere of sports nutrition and fitness during the day, but also get a very good deal for a purchase.

The following brands were exhibited: Pure Protein, Actiformula, Academia-T, Mad Max, Rocktape, SAN, QNT, Trec, Natrol, EasyBody, Hardlabz, Detour, Dynamic Development, Soul Project, Quest, Mr. BIG, Power System, Strimex, USP Labs, MuscleMeds.

Informational partners of the forum were such printed media as: Zhelezny Mir (Iron World), Muscle&Fitness, FLEX, Hercules, Musclemag, and also online portals and communities dedicated to sports.

The Forum gathered amateurs of different kinds of sports, including powerlifting, bodybuilding, armsport, crossfit, fitness and many others. Any person could get a training and communicate with sports stars or representatives of various spheres of sports industry. For all the visitors presents and prizes from 5LB, Alex Fitness, Very Strong Agency of Pavel Zubinov and events partners were prepared.


Numbers and Facts of the Forum 2013

  • more than 2600 protein cocktails consumed by visitors

  • more than 1200 protein bars eaten

  • 1047 people attended the event

  • people attended the event
- 20 sports nutrition brands took part in the exhibition

  • 8 lectures and workshops passed during the day

Organizers of the Forum are thankful to the events general sponsor Pure Protein, net of fitness-clubs Alex Fitness, representatives of sports brands, and also to the sports media for their support and help in arrangement of Forum Sports Nutrition 2013.

Forum organizer is the company 5LB. Today this is the biggest dynamically developing nutrition retailer in Russia with a net of 30 shops in Moscow and Moscow region, as well as an online shop with delivery to any part of Russia.